Yang talks about IP protection with CCTV4

February 2, 2019

Ipdel’s Co-founder and CEO, Pengfei Yang, landed an interview in China’s international channel, CCTV4, talking about the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) by utilizing litigation funding and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mr. Yang enthusiastically shares his entrepreneur experience and the development of Ipdel, a company specialized in the field of IP protection aimed to provide an innovative solution by harnessing the power of AI and litigation funding.

Litigation funding is a valuable tool in the battle of IP infringement, which provides a proven method for IP right owners to secure an advance on anticipated fees derived from their case(s). Ipdel’s funds can be used to meet various costs of fighting the IP infringement, thus enabling IP right owners to benefit from the property they have created, and providing a financial incentive for the creation of an investment in IP.

Navigating the rapidly changing world of IP law can be trickier than ever, for plaintiffs and lawyers alike. With the help of Ipdel’s litigation funding, solving the problems and facing the challenges can be that much easier.